Forrester Names OpenText a Leader in ECM Transactional Content Services

"OpenText has the broadest ECM backbone for enterprise applications. SAP® ERP and CRM software, as well as Oracle E-Business Suite, are the home court for OpenText. Specifically, it’s best for embedding ECM within the lead (tier 1) application."

— Forrester Research, Inc.


OpenText is proud to have been named a leader in Enterprise Content Management Transactional Content Services by Forrester Research, Inc. The analyst called OpenText, "a strong selection for government agencies, the oil and gas industry, and manufacturing due to the required level of integration with leading transactional process applications."

Read The Forrester Wave™: ECM Transactional Content Services, Q3 2015 to learn:

  • How ECM providers are addressing emerging opportunities and improving process support for potentially embedding smart process apps
  • How ramping analytics can drive insight and reduce administrative burden
  • Why OpenText is listed among vendors who "excel in analytics, strength of architecture, scale, and experience in transactional use cases"

OpenText and Transactional Content

Transactional content is the deluge of invoices, statements, applications, onboarding communications, and more that fuels processes and helps workers complete tasks.

Unlike business content, most transactional content originates outside the organization, and for decades it’s been ingested through a myriad of isolated systems—BPM, HCM, ERP, CRM, and others—where it’s sat, only accessed through screen flips, queries, and even phone calls.

As organizations transform into digital enterprises, they have an opportunity to embed the expanded functionality of next-generation ECM solutions into these lead applications and consolidate their proprietary information to create a single, unified view of each transaction and all its related data. As the information flow is automated, governance policies are applied, silos are erased, efficiency and productivity skyrocket, and the extracted value drives business responsiveness and insight.

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