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Knorr-Bremse Enhances Analytics Platform Capabilities with OpenText

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OpenText Analytics provides embedded dynamic dashboards and reporting to help customers reduce maintenance costs and ensure better diagnostics for safety.

OpenText Analytics provides the perfect fit to embed into iCOM. It is easy to develop with, the interface is user-friendly for our customers, and it provides the functionality customers told us they want.

Thomas Brauchle, Digital Platform and Services Director, iCOM at Knorr-Bremse


  • Customer demand for improved, self-service reporting to reduce reliance on IT
  • Increasing volumes of data to provide deeper analytics
  • Web-based solution requires embedded analytics
  • Ability to import data from multiple external sources



  • Scalable solution capable of handling very large data streams
  • Rapid development and deployment makes Knorr-Bremse more competitive
  • 20 percent reduction in customer maintenance costs
  • Dynamic analytics for easier interpreted visualizations provides competitive differentiator

About Knorr-Bremse Group

The Knorr-Bremse Group, based in Munich, Germany, is the world’s top manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles, such as freight trucks and metro lines. Since its founding in 1905, the company has been a leader in developing, manufacturing, and servicing braking systems and other components.