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Aerospace solutions

Optimize supply chain processes, drive innovation and reduce downtime with OpenText Aerospace solutions


Today’s challenges

Aerospace companies face a number of challenges that can impact innovation, manufacturing productivity and operating profits.

  • Supply chain inefficiencies

    Companies must streamline supply chain operations to meet strict manufacturing and delivery requirements.

  • Unplanned downtime

    When high-value assets go offline, disruptions to service and production can impact revenue and undermine customer confidence.

  • Increasing regulatory scrutiny and security threats

    The global nature of aerospace operations creates compliance challenges, with varying regulations by region, compounded by the ongoing threat of cyberattacks.

  • Information silos

    Limited data visibility from IoT information overload and poor application integration can hinder agility and realtime decision making.

Customer success stories

Benefits of OpenText Aerospace solutions

M&A activity [is expected] to remain strong as pressure continues on suppliers to reduce costs and increase production rates.

Deloitte, 2019 global aerospace and defense industry outlook

OpenText Aerospace solutions

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