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Asset Intelligence for Manufacturing Increase productivity to improve operations

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Asset Intelligence for Manufacturing overview

Learn how OpenText™ enables smart and connected assets.

Asset Intelligence for Manufacturing from OpenText™ is the starting point for digital twin creation. Residing in the OpenText™ Internet of Things platform, the digital representation of assets collects, orchestrates and governs verified asset data as it operates. The data can then be integrated with business applications and securely disseminated to key stakeholders, customers or regulators.

Why Asset Intelligence for Manufacturing?

  • Inaccurately identified assets

    Digitized manufacturing inventory management verifies that personnel are submitting the correct asset for work orders.

  • Inefficient manual asset tracking

    An Internet of Things platform, with digital asset tracking software for streamlined operations, lowers costs and increases asset productivity.

  • Hard to find key asset data

    Digital twins solutions collect, orchestrate and govern data from identified and verified assets that can be integrated into business applications and reduce compliance risk.

Industry use case


A steel manufacturer needed to reduce asset loss, improve logistics and increase manufacturing efficiency.

By implementing Asset Intelligence, it has reduced human involvement in asset tracking, eliminated pallet loss and improved just-in-time forecasting for a more efficient manufacturing process.

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