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Content Cloud for Energy Manage digital transformation in the Energy industry

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Content Cloud for Energy overview

Content Cloud for Energy from OpenText™ securely manages content to improve organizational efficiency. The solution delivers visibility, insight and control over engineering projects and operational content to reduce risk and cost. Managing engineering and operational content in the cloud improves ROI while creating a foundation for digital transformation in the Energy industry.

Why Content Cloud for Energy?

  • Work processes aren’t standardized

    Give cross-functional information stakeholders fast, reliable access to a controlled system of record with a single, authoritative document repository.

  • Information access is limited

    Accelerate information exchange and collaborate across the enterprise, from green- and brown-field projects to daily operations, with an energy software solution that delivers anytime access to data.

  • Outages impact revenue

    Connect engineering information with work orders, assets, materials and functional locations for seamless availability to improve task completion speed and production uptime revenue.

Industry use case


Neptune Energy was relying on email and network shares to provide document access to its distributed staff, leading to delays and lost files. The company needed to better manage documents to increase efficiency and security.

With a cloud-based solution, Neptune Energy now provides fast, secure document access to its 1,400 distributed users.

Read more about Neptune Energy's use case

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