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High Tech industry

Today's Challenges

High Tech companies, including material and components suppliers, designers and manufacturers, as well as distributors and OEMs, face a number of challenges.

Buried business intelligence

Data stored in silos impacts productivity, limits engineering consistency and control and obscures opportunities to reduce spending.

Supply chain complexity

Global operations combined with diverse inventory and rapid product lifecycles complicate supply chain operations, hindering production and time to market.

Knowing buyer priorities and preferences

Shifting customer and supplier demands and ongoing pricing pressures can turn development, sales and marketing strategies into a guessing game, resulting in missed opportunities and longer sales cycles.

Exposure to compliance, financial and security risk

Increasing regulations and growing IoT-connected devices create vulnerabilities for non-compliance and cyberattacks, threatening product safety and brand reputation.

Customer success stories

Benefits of OpenText High Tech solutions

Data is without a doubt valuable, but when stored in vaults and locked down, it is not. Theoretical models of data’s value are themselves worthless. Only when data is applied to a specific use case can CIOs determine its value: Data plus use equals value.

Forrester, Future-proof your Insights Capability, March 2019

OpenText High Tech solutions

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