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Linguistic & Translation Consulting Services

Access a global pool of language specialists in more than 20 countries covering all linguistic and ontology needs

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Learn about the services offered by OpenText Translation and Localization Services

Linguistic & Translation Consulting Services overview

OpenText™ linguistic experts unlock the understanding in unstructured data, the mind-boggling amount of data which is produced yearly by humans. Recognized for accuracy, efficiency and the quality of natural language use, the team helps organizations manage and communicate information no matter the language or the volume requirements.

Linguistic & Translation Consulting Services benefits

  • Largest language coverage

    Leverage linguistic services from a worldwide network of talented computational linguists, translators and lexicographers with experience across industries and vertical markets.

  • Experts in Natural Language Processing technologies

    Combine linguistic sciences with technology to offer AI augmented services to businesses.

  • Wide range of taxonomies

    Access pre-trained and foundation taxonomies developed over the course of 20 years, covering all products and services in 43,000 categories.

  • Rapid project completion

    Accelerate projects and increase the time to value with experienced Professional Services experts.

Angebotene Services

Frei nach Federico Fellini: "Eine andere Sprache ist eine andere Vision des Lebens." OpenText Linguistic and Translation Services helfen bei der Kommunikation und Organisation von Informationen für alle Visionen dieser Welt .

  • Document translation

    Get high-quality translations for all types of documents in the language combination the organization needs.

  • Comparative editing and proofreading services

    Receive a comparison of the translation to the original text to ensure consistency in content, terminology, tone and style as well as correct spelling, grammar, usage and typography.

  • Software translation and localization

    Offer software products and solutions in multiple languages with turnkey localization services that include user interface elements, help files and other key content.

  • Semantic Strategy Workshop

    Attend a workshop to understand semantic technology, successful implementation models and content building models to solve needs and develop actionable plans for AI & NLP solutions.

  • Taxonomy automation

    Enable machine learning processes in OpenText™ Magellan™ to automatically apply classifications and labels to content for taxonomies.

  • Entity attribute and relationship detection

    Analyze relationships and attributes around entities detected in content using OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining.

Translation Accreditations

The Translation Services team holds the following accreditations ensuring all translation services provided conform to official standards

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