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Harmony Documisation BV

Harmony provides their customers a smooth transition to a digital organisation. Transparancy, Commitment, Creativity and Entrepeneurship are our core values. 70 Harmonian colleagues, 56 satisfied customers in 2019, 23% annual growth since 2014, 26 years of existence, 4 offices (2 in Belgium and 2 in the Netherlands) and a average age of our colleagues of 34.


Region Northern Europe
Product focus CEM - Portal;CEM - Semantic Navigation;CEM - Customer Communications Management;CEM - Digital Asset Management;CEM - Mobility;CEM - Social Media;CEM - WCM - Web Experience Management;CEM - WCM - Web Site Management;CEM - Exstream;CEM - TeleForm;CEM - LiquidOffice;CEM - MediaBin;CEM - Qfiniti;CEM - TeamSite
Type of partnership Reseller
Industry focus Insurance;Computer Software;Healthcare;Professional Services;Public Sector
Partner level Bronze

Products and Services Overview

Harmony provides Cloud CCM solutions (CCM in the Cloud). This solution consists of 4 main components: 
1.Design: Design Cloud on behalf of creating/maintaining Templates, Document Flows, Reusable Objects, etc.  
2.Compose: Combine Templates and Data into (multichannel) Communications.
3.Delivery: Delivering communications by Print, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push Notifications, Archive, etc.  
4.Monitor: Monitoring and Reporting on the entire Input/Output-chain.   


Corporate Address

Markt 5
5554 CA

+31 (0) 40 20 75 011