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Avvale España S.L.U.

At Avvale, our mission is to help organizations become more agile by fully exploiting the value of information technology throughout every stage of their business transformation. We accomplish this by providing Business Solutions and IT Services that come from our unique ability to combine business knowledge, technology expertise and passion for innovation. The Business Solutions we offer our clients are designed to enable them to discover and leverage business insights to gain competitive advantage. Our IT services make competitive advantage sustainable in the long term thanks to the proper balance of governance and innovation. The distinctive combination of pragmatic Business Vision and IT delivery capabilities is the value we bring to our clients. A Trust based approach, focused on shared objectives and long-term relationships is what makes our clients call us Partner. With over 1,300 professionals and 25 offices across the globe, we offer our clients the scalability and geographic coverage of a global provider, the commitment and flexibility of a local partner, the competence and focus of a strategic, trusted advisor.


Region Iberia
Product focus ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;ECM - eMail Solutions;ECM - Enterprise Archive;ECM - Learning Management;ECM - Mobile Solutions;ECM - Captiva;ECM - Capture & Recognition;ECM - InfoArchive;ECM - LEAP;ECM - Clinical Archiving;ECM - Documentum Platform;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Healthcare;ECM - Document Sciences;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Energy & Engineering;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Lifesciences;ECM - Kazeon;ECO - SAP - Archiving;ECO - SAP - Digital Asset Management;ECO - SAP - Document Access;ECO - SAP - Document Presentment;ECO - SAP - Employee File Management;ECO - SAP - Extended ECM;ECO - SAP - Invoice Capture Center;ECO - SAP - Invoice Management;ECO - SAP - Travel Receipts Management;ECM - PIXEL;ECO - SAP - Portal Content/Site Managemt;ECM - OpenText Application Content Management
Type of partnership Reseller
Industry focus Automotive;Financial Services;Insurance;Legal;Manufacturing;Retail;Consumer Packaged Goods;Education;Utilities;Distribution & Transportation;Energy;Engineering & Construction;Healthcare;Media & Entertainment;Public Sector;Travel
Partner level Silver

Products and Services Overview

ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;

ECM - eMail Solutions;

ECM - Enterprise Archive;

ECM - Learning Management;

ECM - Mobile Solutions;

ECM - Captiva;

ECM - Capture & Recognition;

ECM - InfoArchive;


ECM - Clinical Archiving;

ECM - Documentum Platform;

ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Healthcare;

ECM - Document Sciences;

ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Energy & Engineering;

ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Lifesciences;

ECM - Kazeon;

ECO - SAP - Archiving;

ECO - SAP - Digital Asset Management;

ECO - SAP - Document Access;

ECO - SAP - Document Presentment;

ECO - SAP - Employee File Management;

ECO - SAP - Extended ECM;

ECO - SAP - Invoice Capture Center;

ECO - SAP - Invoice Management;

ECO - SAP - Travel Receipts Management;

ECM - PIXEL;ECO - SAP - Portal Content/Site Managemt;

ECM - OpenText Application Content Management

Corporate Address

C/ Martínez Villergas 52

+34 91 556 0013