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Ichor Solutions

Ichor Solutions is a company with 20 years experience helping customers improve their business processes.   We are dedicated to helping you design better data and form capture platforms, workflow processes and automated invoice applications.     

Ichor Solutions specializes in working with clients who need to improve the way in which they capture and process data from structured and non-structured forms and documents.  Corporate data comes in many forms and formats and the ability of any organization to extract relevant information for their many business processes and operational efficiency is integral to a business' success.  


Region Canada;US
Product focus CEM - TeleForm;CEM - LiquidOffice
Type of partnership Reseller
Industry focus Education;Utilities;Distribution & Transportation;Professional Services;Public Sector
Partner level Bronze

Products and Services Overview

Ichor Solutions, LLC offers paper based forms processing utilizing TeleForms and electronic data capture and process workflow through the use of LiquidOffice.  We are full service company providing our customers with services geared for the customer's needs.  


Corporate Address

7409 Boulder Creek Drive

(972) 365-5872