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Coexya is an independent leader in the digital industry, a multi-specialist integrator, software publisher and consulting specialist. We support companies in their digital transformation and the exploitation of their data, by developing solutions that respond to the new uses of their employees and customers. Our extensive experience, domain expertise and a proven track-record provide the best-in-class solutions that our clients expect. With a strong culture of fixed-price projects with a commitment to results. With more than 20 years of experience in IT projects and a strong culture of fixed-price projects, Coexya is committed to the success of his customers' objectives. We support them in their digitalization projects by offering them innovative solutions and services and is present throughout the project cycle, from the expression of needs to the implementation and maintenance.    Coexya is organised into specialized competency centers (Business Units) to meet the strategic challenges of our clients, and their ever-evolving technology and business process transformation requirements.


Region France
Product focus ECM - Mobile Solutions;ECM - Captiva;ECM - InfoArchive;ECM - LEAP;ECM - Clinical Archiving;ECM - Documentum Platform;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Healthcare;ECM - Document Sciences;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Energy & Engineering;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Lifesciences;CEM - Exstream;ECM - PIXEL
Type of partnership Reseller
Industry focus Financial Services;Insurance;Retail;Telecommunications;Utilities;Energy;Healthcare;Professional Services
Partner level Silver

Products and Services Overview

Software: Coexya offers global solutions for “Governance, Risks and Compliance” (GRC), for “Managing Project Portfolios”, for “Improve Steering for the Local Authority”, for “Managing Intellectual Property Rights”, for “Secure Remote Medicine”.

Services: Coexya helps companies in implementing innovative solutions, develops and integrates solutions in technical terms and accelerates internal and external digital transformation programs based on the OpenText technology.

Coexya is also specialized in integration of OpenText products such as Documentum and Exstream.

Corporate Address

16C rue de jouanet

+33 2 99 84 50 50