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Stellaris Technologies Private Limited provides pre-packaged solutions and tools, software consultancy, development & professional services in Captiva-based Document Capture & Forms Processing solutions for large multi-national enterprises, system integrators and business process outsourcing organizations. Established in July 2005, we serve as an offshore development partner for Captiva projects and have extensive experience working with customers around the world - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. We have also performed significant on-site work involving requirements gathering, solution and system architecture, implementation and helping customers with production roll-out. We architect Captiva-based Document Capture Solutions that align product capabilities and business requirements to deliver the maximum benefits to customers. We have extensive experience and are extremely proficient in Classification and Recognition techniques.

Our expertise includes:
- Pre-packaged Solutions: Pre-packaged Captiva Capture solutions such as STClaims, STTranscripts and tools such as DIAStatPro, STModuleTracker
- Professional Services: Developing Solutions based on OpenText’s Captiva Suite of Document Capture products
- Custom Module development: Development of customized SDK modules to enhance Captiva’s functionality
- Migration: Streamlined migration from older Captiva products including FormWare, ClaimPack, InputAccel and Dispatcher to the latest Captiva Suite providing huge cost savings to customers.



Region India
Product focus ECM - Captiva
Type of partnership Technology
Industry focus Financial Services;Insurance;Manufacturing;Education;Computer Software;Healthcare;Professional Services
Partner level Silver

Products and Services Overview

  • - STClaims: Forms Processing solution for medical claims forms (CMS-1500/HCFA and UB-04; ADA Dental Claims)
  • - STTranscripts: Capture for academic transcripts
  • - DIAStatPro: Statistics tool for Classification, Recognition & Operator Performance
  • - STModuleTracker: Dashboard and monitoring application to track Captiva batches
  • - STEmailClassifier: Email Gateway Solution to Classify and Extract data from incoming emails allowing for type-specific processing in the workflow
  • - STPixProcessor: Uses dynamic thresholding to uniformly binarize variable quality greyscale/ color images
  • - STSmartOCR: Cleans up interfering lines and labels to significantly improve OCR accuracy
  • - STPageReg: Aligns and scales pages to ensure conformity to zones during Extraction
  • Corporate Address

    #13, 2nd Floor Siddhalingeshwara Nagar Bogadi 2nd Stage (N)

    91 821 2970825