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Forensic Computers Inc.

Forensic Computers, Inc. has been around since the beginning of computer forensics. Founded in 1999 by a retired Air Force special agent and computer crime investigator, Forensic Computers Inc has firsthand knowledge of the needs and challenges faced by the men and women who gather digital evidence and investigate computer crime.    As a result, our focus in designing and building our systems has been on:   

Performance—Our systems have been custom tailored to match the hardware requirements of the leading forensic acquisition programs, such as Encase Forensic.   

Customization—We do not believe in one-size-fits all forensics and all of our systems are fully customizable; we will work with you to meet your specific requirements and needs.   

Reliability—Digital forensics involves much more than the addition of a write-blocker to a system. Our workstations use the highest quality components and are designed from the ground up and extensively tested to ensure complete parts-compatibility and long term reliability.   

Support—FREE, platinum level technical support is included for the LIFETIME of each of our systems, regardless of warranty status. We are available and ready to help with anything from unboxing your systems and initial set-up, all the way through trouble-shooting and problem solving several years later.

Whatever issues you run into, and whenever they happen, give us a call and we will be happy to help.



Region Global;US
Product focus SALT - Guidance - Enterprise;SALT - Guidance - Forensic/Tableau
Type of partnership Reseller;Reseller – Professional Services;Channel Reseller
Industry focus Computer Hardware
Partner level Platinum

Products and Services Overview

Our focus is our line of digital forensic workstations where we incorporate Tableau devices and EnCase software to provide a full digital forensics solution for our customers.  We are truly a one-stop shop when it comes to digital forensics.

Corporate Address

110 Forensic Ln PO Box 28
Glen Lyn

(540) 726-9530