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EMT Electronic Engineering Ltd

EMT Electronics is our authorized reseller partner in Turkey. With more than 15 years’ experience, EMT Electronics provides state-of-the-art data/audio/video forensic products and solutions to law enforcement agencies, public enterprises and private companies within the concept of “being a solution partner”. They also offer trainings, professional forensic support and consultancy services for SOC and DFIR teams. EMT Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified company, and has a technical service approved by Turkish Standard Institute. The company is the first and leading company in the field of digital forensic and authorized distributor/reseller of many market leader vendors in Turkey.


Region Middle East
Product focus SALT - Guidance - Enterprise;SALT - Guidance - Forensic/Tableau
Type of partnership Reseller;Reseller – Professional Services
Industry focus Education;Computer Software;Professional Services;Computer Hardware
Partner level Silver

Products and Services Overview

Digital Forensics Technologies (Computer, Mobile, Audio, Video & Network Forensics) | Enterprise IT Security Technologies | E-Discovery | Fraud Detection and Analysis | White Collar Crimes Analysis | General Data Protection (GDPR) | Digital Behavior Analysis & Internal Threat Detection | Detection of Intellectual Property Violation | Secure Data Destruction | Professional Forensic Support & Consultancy Services for SOC and DFIR Teams | Digital Forensics Trainings

Corporate Address

Çamlica Mahallesi Anadolu Bulvari No:16 Regnum Ticaret Merkezi, B Blok No: 5/1 Yenimahalle