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Analytics for Logistics and Warehouses

Solutions for Logistics and Warehouses

With increasing competitive pressure, high-demanding customer requirements and challenges arising from globalization and digitization, it has become more important than ever to prevent loss, cut unproductive waiting times and reduce costs. All this while at the same time increasing service levels. Early detection of inefficiencies in a supply chain can result in crucial efficiency gains for inventory and warehouses, logistic processes and routes, and dramatically reduce time to customers.

OpenText™ Analytics Suite

With OpenText Analytics Suite you can deliver self-service analytics and data preparation, to ensure logistic processes are meeting customer expectations while optimizing resource allocation and minimizing costs.

  • Use built-in predictive analytics techniques to anticipate customer demand and adjust production volume
  • Integrate large data sets from structured and unstructured sources for a holistic view of production, storage and consumption flow to implement suitable tracking and monitoring strategies
  • Optimize your logistic processes and detect inefficiencies in routes
  • Create customized indicators, alerts and notifications
  • Automate business rules and monitor all your variables in real time
  • Provide managed self-service for all your users on any device