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Transform SR Holding LLC | How to Sync with SHC Data SynchronizationKey Benefits

OpenText Active Catalogue—Synchronize Product Data with Your Global Trading Community

Active Catalogue is an easy to use, hosted SaaS application that enables retailers and merchandise suppliers to synchronize product data such as price, color, size, style and GTIN. With its unsurpassed breadth as the industry’s largest database of product information—more than 150 million current and unique items—it is the cornerstone for global retail product synchronization.

Active Catalogue offers a complete solution for item setup, maintenance and synchronization, supporting the latest EAN.UCC System global standards and initiatives. With a proven track record for enabling retail supply chain automation, OpenText ensures fast, reliable product catalog setup and support to reduce time to market, driving an immediate increase in sales.

Data Synchronization—Using Active Catalogue retailers can subscribe to catalog updates from their supplier community. Merchandise suppliers can publish their catalogs to multiple retailers.

Data Attributes—Active Catalogue supports a wide range of attributes for each product including GTIN, brand name, NRF color code; NRF size code and suggested retail price.

Data Validation—In addition to synchronizing data, Active Catalogue can also be configured to provide validations. Standard validations include data formats for GTIN, dates and code lists. Optional validations include booking date, country of origin and minimum order quantity.

Multiple Connectivity Options—Active Catalogue offers connectivity options for both large and small trading partners including EDI 832, PRICAT, qXML, file upload and a web portal.

Active Catalogue delivers immediate benefits to retailers and suppliers.

As a retailer, data synchronization provides benefits such as:

  • A single source for high quality and timely supplier data to reduce merchandising administrative costs
  • Automated item setup improving time to market
  • Reduced POS scanning errors improves customer service and reduces reconciliation costs
  • Multiple access options including web-based user interface, EDI, XML and real-time application integration
  • Attribute flexibility to support a wide range of products including grocery, pharmacy, do-it-yourself and pet food—plus others that can be flexibly added as retailers add new departments
  • Automatic updates, allowing retailers to subscribe to the product information they want and receive additions and changes automatically
  • Support for image content in addition to extensive product attributes to support data needs for in-store, print catalog and website applications
  • Support for image exchange, allowing retailers to receive media files from suppliers

Suppliers gain the following benefits from data synchronization:

  • Faster receipt of confirmed orders to improve their manufacturing forecasts
  • Accurate orders thus reducing administrative costs, shipping charge-backs, and invoice deductions
  • Better utilization of sales force to reduce the overall cost to serve
  • Extended data attributes to hold all product content and share it with retail customers
  • Support for inbound EDI 832, PRICAT, XML and flat file (CSV) documents, as well as web-based data entry, ensures implementation options that match a variety of business processes
  • Inbound data quality assurance via checks including GTIN uniqueness, check-digit validity, date-field integrity and other
    standards-based business rule validations
  • Fast notification and easy correction when data problems are found, allowing the correct information to get back to the trading community within hours
  • Data security, allowing suppliers to grant retailers access to their product information and to manage their own trading partner profiles
  • Integration to publish product information to retailers that subscribe to 1SYNC (formerly UCCnet)
  • Expert assistance from OpenText in guiding suppliers through the data loading process
  • Support for image exchange, enabling suppliers to send media files to retailers

Synchronize Product Data with Your Global Trading Community

Retail business success depends on accurate product information. Merchandise selection planning, purchasing, inventory management and logistics all depend on accurate initial item setup, as well as ongoing updates to item data. But the global nature of retail has given rise to a variety of data standards, as well as means of synchronization, making it increasingly complex to ensure data accuracy. With mass merchants driving a new wave of industry standards for managing and relaying product information, the issue of data accuracy and accessibility is even more urgent. OpenText can help.

Global Item Setup and Synchronization

Active Catalogue is the retail industry's leading product data synchronization application, allowing marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share with retailers their latest product information, such as price, style, color, size and more than 550 product attributes.

Active Catalogue offers a complete solution for item setup and synchronization, supporting the latest GS1 System global standards and initiatives so that companies can move forward with confidence in a standards-based technology when they are ready.

Home to more than 150 million current and unique items from more than 5,500 vendors, manufacturers, suppliers and their retail customers, Active Catalogue has the retail industry's largest database of product information. With its unsurpassed breadth and reliability, Active Catalogue is the cornerstone for global retail product synchronization.

With a proven track record for enabling retail supply chain automation, OpenText ensures fast, reliable product catalog setup and support to reduce time to market and drive increased sales immediately.

Increase Revenue and Productivity

By automating supply chain processes such as item setup and maintenance, promotional price management and product marketing content management, Active Catalogue helps customers achieve increased revenue and greater productivity. It supports global standards and the latest technologies that can be adapted to meet company-specific needs.

Manage Item Data from a Single Location

With a centralized single source of information across the retail supply chain, Active Catalogue is the key to efficient and profitable business for both vendors and retailers.

Integrate with Third-Party Data Pools

GS1 US' Solution Partner Program has certified Active Catalogue as compliant for 1SYNC™ (formerly UCCnet) users. Using the GDSNconnector™, Active Catalogue customers can register Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs) with 1SYNC and publish Active Catalogue data to retailers that subscribe to 1SYNC.