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RightFax Express Software

RightFax Express is available as software installed on your server(s).

Installing RightFax Express software is a fast and easy faxing solution. The installable version is perfect for those SMBs who prefer a software application installed on their on-premises server. This is perfect for those SMBs with an IT department and staff to manage an application on their server and connect RightFax Express using a fax gateway. This option also provides a platform to run a virtual environment for RightFax Express.

You can use RightFax Express with any telephone network when you use an OpenText or customer supplied gateway for faxing.

Prefer the Cloud?

RightFax Express software plus RightFax Connect takes faxing to the cloud, providing the fastest and easiest deployment option for RightFax Express. Get the rich features of RightFax Express with the speed of deployment, bandwidth, connectivity, security, cost control and operational efficiency that faxing via RightFax Connect provides. And it's hassle-free since there are no telephone connections to maintain or monitor with your fax server software.

This is a hybrid deployment which combines RightFax Express (on-premises software) with RightFax Connect (cloud service). RightFax Connect is a cloud-based communication tool which is used to send and receive faxes from your RightFax Express server, without traditional telephone lines. By extending delivery to and from the cloud, RightFax Connect provides flexibility and agility to your RightFax Express fax server, delivering benefits unique to a hybrid deployment method.

The cloud option is perfect for those SMBs which want to use the cloud for the benefits it brings. But using a pure cloud provider can be an issue for those SMBs with data sovereignty concerns. What is data sovereignty? It is the assurance that data is under the user's control and free from manipulation of third parties. The hybrid option protects your fax data and provides data sovereignty by granting you full control over where your data resides (at the location of your fax server), even when the telephony portion is in the cloud. You retain full ownership of all your content- you control your fax images and the fax metadata. When using RightFax Connect, the data lives on your server in the location of your choice and is protected by whatever privacy laws exist in that jurisdiction.

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