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Customer Communications Management (CCM) Software xPression Enterprise Edition

Learn more about how OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition creates highly customized multichannel customer communications

xPression Development Tools

Rapidly integrate xPression’s rules-based assembly, interactive editing and document output capabilities.

xPression provides an open architecture that enables seamless integration with systems of record and departmental applications including customer service, customer relationship management, enterprise content management, human capital management, finance, legal, and more. The application integration capabilities of xPression enable organizations to embed document personalization and generation services in any Java, Microsoft, or Web-based application, and easily call xPression from business workflows to generate documents in real time or queue them up for batch processing.

xFramework, the published API for xPression, includes a comprehensive set of SOAP and RESTful Web Services, Java API, and JMS facade to rapidly integrate xPression’s rules-based assembly, interactive editing, and robust document output capabilities with new or existing enterprise systems while having complete control over the user experience.

  xPression Enterprise Edition solution overview

xPression Design Clients

Create customized correspondence, proposals, invoices, and billing statements by adding variable content to Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or Dreamweaver.

xPression offers an unmatched range of document design products that allows you to quickly and easily customize and personalize client-facing documents with variable data to produce highly effective 1:1 customer communications.

Rather than forcing document designers to learn and use a proprietary interface, xPression provides a set of state-of-the-art xPresso plug-ins for the most popular authoring tools, including Microsoft Word, Adobe® InDesign®, and Adobe Dreamweaver®.

These plug-ins enable users to quickly and easily create dynamic document templates with variables and rules, which are then used by xPression to create personalized and customized communications.

  • xDesign

    Quickly design regulated documents and easily add customization rules and personalization variables to produce documents on demand or in high-volume batches.
      xDesign solution overview

  • xPresso for Adobe Dreamweaver

    Employs Adobe Dreamweaver to create highly personalized HTML email and Web pages without time-consuming and costly coding.
      xPresso for Adobe Dreamweaver solution overview

  • xPresso for Microsoft Word

    Uses familiar Microsoft Word environment to design rich multi-channel content for print, email, web, and mobile devices. A single rules-based template contains channel-specific content and optimized channel-specific formatting.
      xPresso for Microsoft Word solution overview

  • xPresso for Adobe InDesign

    Leverages the widely used Adobe InDesign Creative Suite to create graphically rich and highly customized relationship statements, marketing material, and other frame-based documents.
      xPresso for Adobe InDesign solution overview

xPression Interactive Editing Clients

xPression allows you to enable non-technical business users to easily generate personally relevant customer correspondence. Once generated, users can edit and automatically route the resulting correspondence for review. Upon approval, it can be generated and distributed immediately or added to a scheduled batch process using the robust multi-channel publishing capabilities of OpenText xPression. Delivery options include print, email, Web, fax, and mobile devices.

  • xPression xResponse

    With OpenText xResponse, you can easily create, edit, approve, and distribute personalized, compliant correspondence using a Web-based interface. The familiar Microsoft Word-based editing environment enables you to easily edit correspondence prior to distribution, while protecting content from unauthorized changes.

    Once edited, you can automatically route the resulting correspondence for review. Upon approval, it can be generated and distributed immediately or added to a scheduled batch production process using the robust multi-channel publishing capabilities of xPression. Delivery options include print, email, Web, fax, and mobile device.

    Controlled editing: Incorporate pre-approved paragraphs or compose new text in designated locations.

    Content protection: Lock document content to protect it from unauthorized changes and ensure compliance.

    Interactive document integration: Embed interactive editing capabilities into existing enterprise systems while controlling the user experience.

    Correspondence production: Generate correspondence immediately or include in a scheduled batch process using xPression.
      xResponse solution overview

  • xPression xRevise

    OpenText xRevise streamlines your contract creation, negotiation, and approval processes. Designed for business users, xRevise enables you to retrieve and view contract data, automatically generate contract drafts, and employ a Microsoft Word-based editing environment for baseline contract revisions using a searchable library of pre-approved terms and clauses.

    Using xRevise, contract versions can be compared side-by-side for easy change detection and resolution of differences. Once your edits are complete, the negotiated contracts are generated by xPression in electronic and/or printed versions in a variety of formats for multichannel distribution.

    Content search and reuse: Rapidly search and reuse standard, custom, and optional terms to accelerate drafting and approval processes.

    Carry-forward capability: Intelligently combine desired language from past contracts with current contract templates.

    Negotiation audit trail: Ensure compliance with audit trail of entire contract creation and negotiating processes.

    Contract generation: Automate contract generation using preapproved data and rule-based templates.
      xRevise solution overview

  • xDesign Online Editor

    xDesign Online Editor enables business users to easily edit correspondence interactively without the need to install and maintain traditional desktop software or plug-ins.

    The browser-based WYSIWYG user experience provides the ability to control editing of existing content and selection of optional content while protecting content from unauthorized changes. The editor provides full formatting capabilities including style and formatting selections, spell check and the support of form fields.

  • xEditor

    xEditor is a good choice for users familiar with Microsoft Word that require additional editing functionality such as revision tracking. xEditor provides a controlled, Microsoft Word-based editing environment in which sections and variables can be locked down using Word’s read-only protection mechanism. This interactive editor is deployed as a plug-in from the web browser.

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