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OpenText™ TeamQ Small team call center solution

Cost-effective call center functionality for small teams

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OpenText TeamQ overview

See how you can bring powerful call center capabilities to smaller teams.

Full contact center solutions offer staff powerful tools: screen pops, call recording, at-a-glance activity readouts, automated attendant/IVR integration, and more. Unfortunately, they’re also designed and priced for very large teams of agents whose workloads are 100% phone-dedicated.

Previously, if organizations couldn’t justify a full contact center solution for small teams (internal tech support, etc.) their only option was setting up bare-bones hunt groups. OpenText™ TeamQ bridges the gap by delivering call center functions at small team price points.

OpenText TeamQ features

  • No CTI required

    Brings powerful call center functions to your teams without requiring investing in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

  • Call center features

    Provides agent desktop control with informative screen pops, automated attendant, call recording, reports and supervisor interface.

  • ACD, UCD, Agent Pull and Push

    Distributes calls via a range of more powerful methods as a robust hunt group replacement.

  • Perfect for small knowledge worker teams

    Cost-effectively supports up to 50 teams of up to 25 agents each (250 total per system).

OpenText TeamQ benefits

  • Improve caller satisfaction

    Prevent frustration by letting callers leave a message or callback number and automatically rerouting calls based on queue length or wait time.

  • Get the right calls to the right agents

    Allow agents to select calls they're best qualified to handle, either due to expertise or previous interactions with the caller.

  • Boost efficiency

    Gather information prior to answering the call through database and automated attendant integration, then provide agents with informative screen pops.

  • Train and manage

    Deploy call recording, a supervisor interface and reporting to track performance and provide feedback.

  • Build teams with remote workers anywhere

    Link staff anywhere in the world (even those working from home) into virtual call center teams without requiring them to be in the same site.

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