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Enterprise Search

Unified access to multiple internal and external information sources

Today's organizations generate vast amounts of information, with users storing it in every place imaginable. Emails, documents, records, and more complex content types such as Flash, video or XML files, are used in various mediums such as Web sites (corporate, blogs, wikis) intranets, extranets, and often stored across desktops, databases, files systems, legacy data stores, and email servers.

But simply possessing information does not automatically generate competitive advantage. Users need to easily and rapidly find and access the right information they require, when they need it. This means that organizations wishing to take full advantage of their knowledge assets require fast and efficient solutions for searching, browsing, and viewing information. Yet when it comes to implementing an effective solution, most companies’ enterprise search technology often falls short of delivering accurate search results due to a variety of issues such as security, incompatible file formats, poor metadata management, and disconnected information sources.

Organizations that can implement a comprehensive enterprise search solution on the foundation of a robust, scalable enterprise content management platform can address many of the aforementioned challenges. This equips organizations with the ability to provide unified access to multiple internal and external information sources from a single interface enabling users to easily locate and access content, regardless of file type, format or location. Organizations that do so gain a competitive edge by being able to leverage their valuable content and efficiently and reliably deliver it to the appropriate audience.

Enterprise Search Products

OpenText's Enterprise Search products are:

  • OpenText Discovery Server is a powerful, feature-rich search engine for publishing large quantities of dynamic, customized information. It incorporates flexible filtering and state-of-the-art search, control and presentation tools for enterprise information retrieval.
  • OpenText Federated Query Server provides a single access point to query multiple repositories to obtain a unified set of results, enabling instant access to information from across the enterprise.