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OpenText Discovery Server

A powerful, feature-rich search engine for publishing large quantities of dynamic, customized information

The accelerated pace of business today demands that organizations make the most of their intellectual capital and corporate knowledge. Organizations need a professional solution for publishing dynamic, customized information online that enables them to ensure immediate user access to all information required to make the most of every business opportunity. The ability to leverage information, and to efficiently and reliably deliver it to the appropriate audience, becomes increasingly more important in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment.


  • Improve information access
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Address evolving requirements
  • Streamline process efficiencies
  • Support volumes for an unlimited number of databases

Based on the most full-featured, robust engine available, OpenText Discovery Server (formerly Livelink ECM - Discovery Server) incorporates flexible filtering and state-of-the-art search, control and presentation tools for enterprise information retrieval. Discovery Server has been used by thousands of organizations to quickly design, prototype and develop applications that provide real-time access to the organization's islands of information, memos, reports, competitive intelligence, documents, or any other type of unstructured data.


  • Provide simultaneous information access: Discovery Server provides simultaneous access to up to a terabyte of unstructured information, in a wide range of formats
  • Support native document formats: Documents can be moved in their original formats back and forth between Discovery Server. Discovery Server will support over 100 data file formats.
  • Leverage searching and filtering tools: The natural language feature allows queries to be submitted as full sentences, word phrases, or even Boolean statements.
  • Automatically rank documents by relevance: Document relevance ranking automatically orders documents according to the frequency and placement of word groups.
  • Track usage: Sophisticated features for tracking user activities, generating valuable information for analysis and billing—broad accounting capabilities enable the tracking and monitoring of both individual users and groups of users.
  • Access control management facilities: Advanced facilities for creating multiple access levels and restricting user access by database, by document, and even by field.
  • Create dynamic embedded links in documents: Dynamic and embedded links can be created and used within a single document, between documents, and even between objects such as stored graphic, video, and audio files.
  • Protect documents with locking and auditing capabilities: Document locking, security, and auditing features protect critical information, monitor access, and prevent the loss of valuable information.
  • Search alerts: Search alerts may be setup to automatically send documents to a user when documents are added to or changed in the data repository.
  • Quickly access additional information relevant to your documents: Find concepts, company names, and personal names on the fly within documents in a result set.
  • Support large files and continued enterprise growth: As your enterprise grows, so do its storage needs. Discovery Server supports database sizes of up to 500 gigabytes, and the newest version boasts expanded system limits.