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OpenText Federated Query Server

Access multiple targeted sites using a single query and review a single combined list of ranked results

OpenText Federated Query Server (formerly Livelink ECM - Federated Query Server) provides single, unified access to multiple internal and external information sources, such as news feeds, document management systems, intranets, and the internet. Each of these information sources typically has its own search interface, and to submit a similar query to each of them becomes a time-consuming process.


  • Improve user productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save time
  • Reduce administrative costs

OpenText Federated Query Server enables users to submit a single query to multiple information sources (streamlining the process) and returns a unified and sorted set of results. Rather than spending excessive time submitting the same query over and over to multiple data sources, Federated Query Server enables users to broadcast their query to a wide assortment of search engines, and receive one set of consolidated results.


  • Search across multiple repositories: Use a single search box to search across internal repositories, external respositories or a combination of both.
  • Support keyword and Boolean queries: Support for keyword and Boolean queries, including wildcards, and progress reporting during a query.
  • Display results from multiple sites: Federated Query Server aggregates results into a single, sorted hit list.
  • Sort out undesired results: Duplicate results are removed, with configurable result comparisons.
  • Cluster results: Search results/document results can be clustered by content, site or a combination of both.
  • Support up to fifty query boxes: Support for up to fifty query boxes, with default and conjunctive operators.
  • Provide multiple user interfaces: Multiple user interfaces can be selected from the search form.
  • Support secure servers: Support for secure servers using SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 , HTTP redirection and Basic authentication.


Download more information about OpenText Federated Query Server: