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OpenText Capture Recognition Engine (RecoStar)

Simplicity, Speed, Perfection - Optical Character Recognition without Compromises!

One of the factors affecting the success of enterprises is the speed at which they can process large volumes of information. The daily flood of written and printed information must therefore be read, recognized and made available in digital form as quickly as possible. After all, minutes can often make or break a competitive edge.

OpenText Capture Recognition Engine (RecoStar) character recognition software is faster, more reliable and more economical than manual data entry, providing significant advantages,especially when handling high volumes of documents. OpenText Capture Recognition Engine (RecoStar) reads and extracts characters from the images of scanned forms and documents,unlocking the content for subsequent electronic processing. The systemis so efficient that the investment can pay for itself within the first year.

OpenText Capture Recognition Engine (RecoStar) reliably recognizes all common hand print and machine character sets with speed and quality founded on more than 30 years of experience in the optical character recognition sector.


  • Read and extract characters from the images of scanned forms and documents, unlocking the content for subsequent electronic processing.
  • Reduce errors associated with manual data entry
  • Increase efficiency by automating the data entry process


  • Outstanding performance with hand block letters and machine character sets
  • Wide range of search and control options
  • High speed and recognition accuracy
  • Integration with all major data capture systems
  • Voting by the Experts: combining the strengths of leading recognition engines
  • Multiple-Expert Voting: application of contextual knowledge
  • Machine print and handwriting recognition for all major languages
  • Sophisticated image pre-processing and form processing
  • Adaptable, learning dictionaries


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