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OpenText Exstream for Salesforce®

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Streamline Customer Communications with Exstream™ for Salesforce®

OpenText™ Exstream™ for Salesforce® provides simple, web-based SaaS document generation from the industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) offering from Salesforce.

Your business is growing. Opportunity and customer needs are expanding. You need to communicate critical business information better, faster and more consistently than ever before. Help all your teams stay customer-centric with Exstream for Salesforce, the customer communications management solution that matches your CRM system.


Only Exstream for Salesforce offers you:

  • Fast set-up in mere minutes
  • Turnkey integration with Salesforce®
  • UI support directly integrated with Salesforce® Lightning and Classic interfaces or also Microsoft ® Word
  • No need to purchase and maintain expensive IT infrastructure
  • 24/7 access to cloud-based Customer Communication Management (CCM) resources, simple to deploy, maintain and scale
  • Generate highly personalized correspondence via a built-in rule engine
  • Global business focus — more than 10 languages supported
  • Instant customer sign-off with built-in electronic signatures

Whether your organization needs to produce a single customer service email or millions of personalized sales letters, Exstream for Salesforce helps to rapidly synthesize relevant business data and content into compelling written communications – all from within your familiar CRM environment.

A cloud-based solution (based on the formerly known Legodo PowerDocs), Exstream for Salesforce provides enterprise-class customer correspondence functionality without any enterprise-scale IT challenges. Your organization can focus on your customers while Exstream for Salesforce powers the back end, deploying in just minutes.

Template selection for efficient and interactive document generation

Generate quotes, proposals, contracts, service documents, written follow-ups to phone inquiries, and other high-quality, personalized customer correspondence

Template selection for efficient and interactive document generation

OpenText™ Exstream for Salesforce integrates into your Salesforce CRM environment via a simple button. Whether from Salesforce Lightning, Classic or Microsoft Word interfaces, users can click to access the template selection and quickly decide what kind of document to generate such as quotes, contracts, proposals, service documents and general customer correspondence. Within interview mode, enter structural changes and other required data (which can be individually selected based on the template). The outgoing document (quote, proposal, …) is then generated and off to the customer.

Fast and simple document editing

Edit generated documents using a Salesforce web interface that requires no local installation and can run on any device. Alternatively, if more advanced editing functions are required, documents can be edited in a Microsoft Word client application.

Process integration. How your CRM supports your work

Exstream for Salesforce is more than just document generation software. You can design business processes or simply integrate Exstream for Salesforce into your existing processes. From task management, to sending or reviewing documents, everything can be clearly and optimally defined.

Depending on the template’s design, quotes can be sent via various channels simultaneously, such as email, fax, SMS, print etc. A quote can also be sent to a variety of channels, each matched to its own format requirement.


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Since using OpenText, we are saving time and money to release new proposals and our processes are more efficient. It has been such a good experience that we are planning to roll it out to our partner community.

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