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Turbocharge investigations with OpenText EnCase Forensic digital investigation software

A one stop solution for finding, collecting and preserving digital forensic evidence

As technology evolves, so do the challenges of digital forensic investigation. Investigators must cover all devices and operating systems, reach all data and work discreetly and globally, while ensuring a fast, efficient, repeatable and forensically sound investigative process.

OpenText EnCase Forensic, a court-proven digital investigation tool, is built with the investigator in mind.

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Reduce backlog with a full lifecycle digital forensics tool

EnCase Forensic’s comprehensive digital forensic science capabilities complement deep analysis with speedy triage to help all researchers—whether independent, federal or a law enforcement agency—determine if investigation is warranted.

Named “The Best Computer Forensic Solution” several years running by SC Magazine

  • Court-proven
  • Built for deep-level digital forensic investigation
  • Powerful evidence processing
  • Integrated investigation workflows
  • Flexible reporting options

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Used in
cases worldwide

Mentioned in
published court cases

In our test, EnCase Forensic performed admirably, and we recommend that any organization purchasing forensic software consider it. EnCase Forensic has many enterprise-level features in a single tool that are simply unmatched by its competitors.

Jake Williams, One-Click Forensic Analysis: A SANS Review of EnCase Forensic, 2018

Focus on what you do best: Finding evidence and closing cases

Reliable evidence acquisition

Be confident of the integrity of the evidence by storing all evidence captured in the court-accepted evidence file formats

Deep forensic analysis

Uncover evidence that may go unnoticed if analyzed with other solutions

Broad OS/decryption support

Provide conclusive results with a detailed analysis with the broadest support of operating and file systems, artifacts and encryption types

Easy reporting

Leverage customizable templates to help examiners create compelling, easy to read, professional reports that can be shared for every case

Collect and decrypt evidence from a wide variety of devices and operating systems

Go mobile
Acquire, analyze and report on mobile evidence with OpenText EnCase Mobile Investigator

mobile devices and
mobile device profiles supported

Extend data acquisition with
the portable and easy to use
Tableau Forensic Imager

Dig deeper with advanced certification

OpenText offers a wide variety of professional training programs and certifications to help digital forensic investigators develop expertise in EnCase software and forensic security.

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