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602 EIM Strategy: Building the Information Enterprise

Duration: 1/2 Day

Join us for this half-day session targeted at those who are working at the cross-roads of business and IT departments and seeking to define the EIM strategy and roadmap for their company. The course will start with a brief overview of EIM and its key role in an enterprise IT & business strategy. We will then discuss a practical approach to model the Information Reference Framework and the Information Process Framework for your organization. Further topics include the identification and prioritization of EIM project candidates, a strategy to move from the existing fragmented implementations to a platform approach and the importance of change management for the success of your EIM initiative. Real life customer stories and lessons learnt make this session a valuable kick-start for your EIM initiative.


Individuals responsible for EIM strategy.


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Per Student at Open Text Site CHF  499.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site GBP  250.00 

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