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Content Management System

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OpenText Content Management System overview

The OpenText™ Content Management System (CMS) helps create, manage and optimize digital customer experiences. CMS allows users to run and collaborate on the creation, editing and production of multilingual online interactive experiences. The OpenText CMS, or web content management system (WCM), is essential to managing the overall personalized digital experience across different channels, including websites, portals, email, mobile apps, connected devices and social media.

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) includes a software application and delivery solution for non-technical users to create, manage and publish digital content easily. The best content management systems offer capabilities, such as site design, content authoring, editing and personalization. The CMS is integral to delivering rich digital experiences across all digital channels and enables organizations to manage multiple websites, support more than one language and deliver omnichannel customer experiences.

OpenText CMS Solutions features

  • Ease of creation and publishing

    Offers marketing-friendly templates, tools and workflows to create compelling content and a full set of advanced capabilities to create unique experiences.

  • Intelligent content

    Provides smart content summaries, in-context content suggestions and rich media analysis. Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to auto-tag images and videos with keywords and descriptions.

  • Identity access and content management

    Uses integrated cloud-based identity access management to control which assets are shown to specific audiences, delivering highly-personalized and engaging post-login experiences.

  • Decoupled content and presentation

    Pushes content to third-party applications with a headless architecture that separates content creation from delivery and presentation.

  • Multi-site and multi-language CMS

    Provides enterprise-grade performance for complex environments and localizes URLs to improve region-specific SEO and automatically translate content with Google Translate.

  • Scalable, extensible architecture

    Leverages a robust and flexible platform architecture with a strong compliance focus and integration framework to develop, integrate and deliver highly-reusable content.

OpenText CMS Solution benefits

  • Create and target personalized experiences

    Improve engagement, upsell, cross sell and retention results to maximize customer lifetime value.

  • Make it easy and accelerate time to publish

    Save time and effort when creating and publishing personalized, visually rich content with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Analyze and track campaigns

    Test and analyze content and audience results based on business KPIs, clicks and site interaction to create highly targeted campaigns.

  • Design mobile experiences

    Publish content to any mobile device regardless of device form factor and repurpose existing templates and content to easily generate iOS or Android apps.

OpenText CMS Solution products

  • OpenText™ TeamSite™

    Create and deliver personalized omnichannel digital experiences through an intuitive and flexible enterprise web content management system.

  • OpenText™ Optimost™

    Test and improve website personalization, geotargeting, segmentation, design and asset choices, via A/B testing tools, multivariate (MVT) and more.

  • OpenText™ LiquidOffice™

    Design and publish rich electronic forms, automating data collection, routing and processing to digitally transform forms-driven line of business processes.


  • Enter the omnichannel era

    Learn about the importance of data to better target communications and create personal experiences in an AI world.

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    Explore how to create a continuous, connected customer journey that optimizes customer engagement and satisfaction.

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  • Drive customer loyalty

    Get ahead of the competition with strong customer engagement strategies that create brand loyalty.

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